Happy Childhood provides excellent preschool education for all children!


Daycare | Happy Childhood - Woodland Hills, CA,CA

At Happy Childhood, we do not simply supervise your child while you are at work. Unlike other daycare's...

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Child Care

Child Care | Happy Childhood - Woodland Hills, CA,CA

At Happy Childhood, we aim to provide childcare that will best prepare our children for kindergarten...

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Preschool | Happy Childhood - Woodland Hills, CA,CA

At Happy Childhood, our preschool services provide an ideal learning environment for your child prior...

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Welcome to Happy Childhood

Happy Childhood is a family daycare center based in Woodland Hills, California. We provide daycare services to families in the Woodland Hills, CA area. We are accredited by the National Association for Family Child Care and have received recognition for our professionalism and dedication to the children we teach. We offer many more services than traditional childcare businesses, and have expert specialist staff who teaches many of our more unique activities.

We provide a secure environment with a delicately balanced combination of structured educational activities and informal play times. We understand that each child learns and processes information differently and adapt our methods to suit the needs of each individual. We focus on this individualized approach to encourage children to gain independence, as well as group work to encourage team skills, co-operation and leadership.

At Happy Childhood, we emphasize creative activities such as music, gymnastics, arts and crafts. These activities are particularly important during early development, as they promote imaginative thinking skills and encourage children to explore and use different parts of their brains, which are skills that will prove invaluable later in life. Our music classes involve singing and learning skills such as rhythmic patterns. Our specialist music teacher works with our children to create a rewarding learning environment, which is enjoyable for everyone.

The primary aim of Happy Childhood is to prepare your child for kindergarten and the start of their formal schooling however we can. Our logical thinking classes are a prime example of how we achieve this. Logical thinking is the process by which we reason, and relates to such skills as decision making, memory, problem solving, attention and flexibility. Our logical thinking specialist motivates children to explore their own thought processes to develop these skills, which your child will utilize every day, right through into their adult life. Very few childcare centers are able to offer these cutting edge classes, and our children highly benefit from their inclusion in our curriculum.

To provide your child with the best possible head start for kindergarten, consider choosing Happy Childhood for your daycare services. We don’t just provide a babysitting service while you are at work – we are genuinely invested in the development of your child and will do everything we can to ensure their success.

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